Golf Driving Tips

By Sharon Penn
There are several techniques to achieve greater distance and accuracy off the tee.
There are several techniques to achieve greater distance and accuracy off the tee.

To achieve distance and accuracy when you are driving the golf ball, begin with the proper equipment. Technology in golf clubs changes all the time, and the club that you have in your bag might not have the latest design to achieve your goals. Once you are satisfied your driver is satisfactory, check your swing and assess your ability to draw and fade the ball off the tee.

Using the Right Driver

Look at your driver to make sure it is suited to your physical characteristics and your golf swing. Consult a chart to see how long your driver should be, and see if yours conforms to these guidelines. If you are a beginner or have a high handicap, use a driver with a large club head. This will provide a bigger sweet spot that forgives mis-hits. Players with a lower swing speed will also benefit from a flexible shaft and a loft angle of 12 degrees or even more. More advanced players can handle a stiff or extra-stiff shaft to provide better accuracy and a loft angle of 9 or 9.5 degrees. New technology allows for adjustable weights and shafts to give you the option of customizing your driver, even between rounds.

Getting More Distance

If you are like most golfers, your thought on the tee box is about distance. To get the yardage you desire, execute an effective shoulder turn and don't let your hips sway. Your left knee should remain stable to prevent overturning on the backswing. This will create the torque that feeds your swing speed, which creates distance. Be sure to complete a weight shift from the back leg to the front.

Straight, Draw and Fade Shots

When driving the ball, look at the fairway to decide if you need a straight shot, a fade or a draw. For a straight shot, go through your pre-shot routine and make sure you grip the club correctly. Maintain the correct posture, balance and alignment through your swing. If the fairway is curving to the right, try hitting a fade by aligning your feet slightly to the left of the target. Tee the ball lower, open the face of the club slightly and finish with your hands high. For a draw when the fairway curves left, direct the club to the right of the target and close the club face slightly. Tee the ball high, and stand farther away. Finish the shot with your hands lower to move the ball right to left.

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