Golf Drivers Used by Long Drive Champions

By Patrick Cameron
Long drivers regularly top 370 yards on their drives.
Long drivers regularly top 370 yards on their drives.

There's nothing quite like the spectacle of long drive competitions. Guys stepping up, hauling off and regularly clearing distances in excess of 370 yards makes you wonder just what they've got under the hood. Wouldn't all those yards look nice on your golf game? Having the same driver as the World's Long Drive champions might not have you hitting 300 or better off the tee, but it can't hurt.


Steve Griffith is what you would consider a late bloomer in every sense of the word. He didn't even start competing in long drive competitions until he was 51 years old. He won the World's Long Drive Championship in 2005 and has hit drive of more than 395 yards in competition. Steve continues to hit the long ball in competition today and he does so with the N-Forcer Long Drive Golf Club. Another long drive champion, Ryan Hixson, won the 2008 Military World Championships using the N-Forcer 460 driver


Jamie Sadlowski brings the fantasy of Adam Sandler's Happy Gilmore to life with his former hockey player turned long ball hitter background. Sadlowski didn't just win the World Long Drive Championship once, he won it a row. Sadlowski is the 2008 and 2009 champion. His driver of choice? A 6.5-degree Adams 9032LD driver, which comes in lofts ranging from a pancake flat 4.5 degrees to a common-man troubling 8.5 degrees. While you can't go out an buy and Adam 9032LD, you can buy its consumer-ready model, the 9032LS. The Adams-manufactured driver was quite popular during the 2009 World Long Drive Championship, as it was also used by Bobby Wilson to win both the Senior and Super Senior Classes in the competition.

Fister Punisher

Sean "The Beast" Fister is a little different "beast." That's because the driver he uses today wasn't in existence back when he was winning his three World's Long Drive Championships (1995, 2001 and 2005). While he is a Corporate Event speaker for Dunlop, he started up his own driver company, Fister Golf, and currently is hitting his own proprietary driver, the Fister Punisher 450 Pro LD with a USD Pro LD shaft and a loft of 4.5 degrees. The driver is 48 inches long.

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