Golf Clubs That Help Your Slice

By Matt Manco
State-of-the-art clubs can make your slice more playable.
State-of-the-art clubs can make your slice more playable.

Second only to putting "yips," a chronic slice is the biggest frustration among amateur golfers. A slice is caused by hitting the ball from the outside, which creates side spin that pulls the ball away from you in mid-air. So many players fight a slice that golf club manufacturers release dozens of clubs annually designed to rid you of this round-ruining ball flight. Slice cures require work, but a combination of cleaner swing mechanics and more appropriate clubs can yield impressive results in a short time.


Most manufacturers offer "draw" or "offset" clubs meant to fix an open clubface at impact. Club designers understand your struggles, and offer up the simplest solution with offset clubs. By closing the face at address, they fix your impact position without having to make a swing change. Offset clubs are a suitable stopgap, but a slice comes from swing flaws and a more closed clubface can only take you so far. Callaway's iMix driver series allows you to choose the offset of your driver; draw, neutral, or fade-biased face angles.

Adjustable Face Drivers

Almost every major manufacturer offers a driver with an adjustable hosel mechanism. Look for designations on the club such asTaylorMade’s FCT (Flight Control Technology), Nike Str8-Fit or Cobra's Adjustable Flight Technology. These all give you several lie and loft combinations. The TaylorMade R9 series incorporates the company’s Movable Weight Technology, allowing you to move weighted screws around the clubhead for a more preferred ball flight. As of 2010, Mizuno, Srixon and Adams Golf have begun to incorporate similar technology into their lines.

View From the Top

If a slice is your primary issue off the tee, a simple way to start your club search is to set the club down and examine it at address. Clubs such as the Callaway Diablo and the TaylorMade Burner have noticeably closed face angles at address. Other clubs such as the PING i15 have an open face angle that will only exaggerate slicing problems.

Professional Fitting

Standard lie, length, loft--that's what you're getting when you buy off the rack. However, amateur swings are like snowflakes, no two are alike and they quickly dissolve when the temperature rises. But there is hope: Professional clubfitters are located all over the world, and in one session can typically gather enough information about your swing to build a set that fits you and your goals. If you have a repeatable swing, you need to get custom fitted for every club in your bag. A fitting will fix your slice, or at the very least give you more control over your shot shape.

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