Golf Club Repair Information

By Justin Johnson
Most golf club repairs can be peformed by most golfers with the proper equipment and supplies.
Most golf club repairs can be peformed by most golfers with the proper equipment and supplies.

Golf clubs at some point will require repair work if they are used on a regular basis. Most golfers do not possess the knowledge to repair their own golf clubs, although most repairs are fairly simple and logical processes. The most common golf club repairs are reshafting and regripping.


Wrap the hosel with a wet cloth to protect the finish, then remove the old shaft by heating the hosel with a propane or butane torch. Once the epoxy bond is broken by the heat, pull the existing shaft out of the hosel. This process applies only to clubs that have steel shafts; graphite shafts will melt if direct heat is applied. A special tool found in professional clubmaking shops is required to extract a graphite shaft.

Use a hosel honing tool to clean the residual epoxy out of the hosel because remaining epoxy can cause a poor bond when the new shaft is installed.

Coat the tip of the new shaft with golf club epoxy. Carefully insert the shaft tip into the hosel of the club, twisting while pushing down. Twisting the shaft ensures the epoxy is evenly distributed around the hosel bore rather than pushed to the bottom of the hosel.

Allow 30 minutes or more to pass before testing the club. Read the epoxy instructions to determine the proper curing time.


Place the golf club in a vise with a rubber clamp and cut off the old grips with a utility knife or razor blade knife, cutting away from your body to avoid injury. Then remove the old grip tape, exposing the bare shaft.

Wrap an approximately 10-inch-long piece of grip tape around the butt (grip) end of the shaft.

Spray grip solvent on the grip tape and into the golf grip, being careful to cover the vent hole on the end of the grip to avoid losing solvent. The grip solvent activates the grip tape and makes a tacky bond to hold the grip in place.

Widen the opening of the golf grip by pinching it open with the thumb and a finger. Slide the grip down over the shaft, being sure to cover the tape for a strong bond.

Wait at least one hour before using the newly gripped golf clubs.

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