Golf Club Refinishing Tips

By Marc Jenkins
Refinishing clubs can help give them new life.
Refinishing clubs can help give them new life.

When it comes to a golfer and a set of clubs usually that golfer is very attached to them, sort of like a newborn baby is close to a blanket or similar to a teenage couple being emotionally involved with each other on a different level. A golfer never wants to part with a quality older set of clubs, especially if they normally work well for that golfer score. However, when those older clubs begin to show wear and tear they need some special attention from their owner so that they can resemble how they once did when they were brand new. The key to regaining that shine and look that they once had is refinishing the set. Here are a few tips on how a golfer can refinish his set of clubs easily and restore that great new club look to a set that is kind of like a part of the family.

Assemble the Proper Tools and Materials

Assembling the proper tools and materials is the first tip and step in successfully and effortlessly refinishing a set of golf clubs. A small Philips-head screwdriver, a shallow pin, a small natural-bristle brush and an artist’s brush are all the tools needed to complete the process. The necessary materials available for refinishing a set of golf clubs are some paint and varnish remover, waterproof glue, epoxy filler, a soft cloth, masking or duct tape, wiping stain, hard wax, toothpicks, aerosol spray varnish or lacquer, and black or white metal paint.

Once all these tools and materials are in hand, the only thing left to do is begin a very painless and easy process.

Step-by-Step Process

Normally, this entire process takes anywhere from 4 to 6 days depending on how clubs need refinishing and how swift the refinisher is moving. First, wash the club or clubs thoroughly, removing all the dirt from within the sole plate with a screwdriver that can fit. Next, unscrew the plate and soak it in some paint remover for 1 hour. While it is soaking, spend time working on the club itself. Once the plate is finished soaking, polish it with the steel wool and place it to the side.

Next, place the masking or duct tape on the string windrings and plastic insert plates. After that, carefully coat the head with the paint remover and a clean natural-bristle brush. Let it work for 10 minutes, then wipe it away with the steel wool. Then, with the steel wool, buff the wood lightly until the shine begins to brighten, Then, allow the woods to dry for anywhere from a day or 2. After they have completed the drying process, very gently buff the wood with some very fine steel wool, clean it with a soft cloth and spray it with the varnish or lacquer from the aerosol can. Let the finish dry completely.

After the lacquer or varnish has dried, very gently buff the finish with the fine steel wool and wipe it clean with another clean, soft cloth and spray the wood again. Let the finish dry for 2 complete days, then rub the wood with numerous coats of hard wax and buff until it glistens like the sun off of a river and smoother than a baby’s bottom. Next, restore the sole plate by carefully filling the lettering on the plate with either black or white metal enamel. Use the artist brush for assistance. Once the enamel is finished drying, coat the sole plate with a couple of applications of the lacquer or varnish, let it dry completely, and screw the sole plate back onto the wood.

Over time, the screws can be stripped due to normal wear and tear. If this happens, fill the holes with the toothpicks and waterproof glue, trim the toothpicks so they are flush with the bottom of the wood and drive the screws halfway into the glued toothpicks. If there are holes or dings in the wood, fill them with epoxy filler only. If wood or steel fillers are used, it can change the dynamics of the club's weight and swing capabilities. After that, the refinishing process is complete, and the clubs will almost appear as if they were just purchased.


Refinishing a set of golf clubs is very simple, it takes only a few days, and it is well worth the effort. After it’s completed one time or two it will become even easier to accomplish the next time and the time after that. All golfers know the two most important factors when on the golf course are to place a great score on the score card and to look stylish while giving your friends and/or opponents a nice, friendly smackdown on the course after 18 or more.

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