Golf Club Grip Removal

By Jackson Lewis

One of the most important parts of a golf club is the grip. Many golfers find that their favorite club, or a set of clubs, needs the grip or grips replaced after several years of play. The length of time between grip replacements varies by where you live and play golf, as well as how you store your clubs when not on the course.

Remove the grip cap on the top of the golf club--if the grip design has a cap. If the cap will not come off with your hands, use a screwdriver to pry it off the club. Slide the golf grip stop down the club shaft after removing the cap.

Make four vertical cuts on the grip with a utility knife, moving from the top of the club shaft to the bottom of the grip. The cuts should be deep enough to penetrate through the grip to the club shaft.

Remove the grip from the club by peeling each of the four pieces of grip from the top of the club and pulling them to the bottom.

Use a rag dipped in solvent to remove the residual glue from the golf club shaft and the remaining portions of the grip.

Dry the club shaft with a clean rag and let the shaft air dry to complete the grip removal process.

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