Golf Clothing Styles

By Sharon Penn
Golf attire is about feeling comfortable and confident in your choice of clothing.
Golf attire is about feeling comfortable and confident in your choice of clothing.

Golfers have paid close attention to their attire since the game's birth in 15th century Scotland. As a matter of fact, we see echoes of traditional golfing outfits in the classic tartan plaids and cardigan sweaters found in golf shops of today. Stylish golf clothing is a blend of fashion and function for contemporary use.

Style and Function

Golf clothing has become more stylish and functional in recent years. Many golfers enjoy wearing splashy plaids and bold colors on the course. Golf clothes can be stylish while providing the roomy fit that allows for a golf swing. Recent technological advances in fabric construction allow moisture-wicking materials to keep you dry while filtering air to cool the body. Before you invest in a wardrobe, find out if your golf club has a dress code. You may find that you need to buy golf shirts with a collar or that long trousers are required, especially for men. There may be guidelines about how long your shorts need to be, or whether you are allowed to go sleeveless.

Golf Styles for Men

The game of golf is steeped in tradition, and some men are influenced by the Scottish dress of golf forebears who sported plaid, tweed, knickers or “plus fours” and caps. Knitted cardigans and two-tone “spectator” shoes remain in style today. While some enjoy the color and quirky eccentricity reminiscent of bygone days, many of today’s male golfers opt for stylish polo shirts with collars and slacks. Short golf jackets, sweaters or vests are popular on cooler days. For the unexpected downpour or windy day, golfers can throw a water-repellent and/or wind-resistant sweater or jacket into their bag. Water-repellent and wind-resistant slacks are also available for men.

Golf Styles for Women

Women have a wide choice of clothing styles appropriate for the golf course. They can select shorts, long pants or Capri-length pants that end just below the knee. Some women choose to wear skorts, which combine shorts on the inside with the appearance of a skirt on the outside. A good idea, especially for golf vacations, is to buy a coordinated ensemble with a selection of pants and shorts to accommodate changes in the weather. Some golf coordinates come with matching vests and jackets. It is always a good idea to have a windbreaker or water-repellent sweater or jacket on hand just in case. Accessories include sun glasses, visors, belts, hats and handbags.

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