How Do I Find Golf Clothing for Kids?

By Katie Jensen
Boys or girls who play golf should wear the correct shoes and comfortable fitting clothes.
Boys or girls who play golf should wear the correct shoes and comfortable fitting clothes.

Golf teaches children patience, eye-hand coordination, good sportsmanship and motor skills. On the course, traditional golf dress for boys is a shirt with a collar and sleeves, and long pants or shorts. Golf dress for girls is a shirt with a collar, but it can be sleeveless. Long pants, shorts or a golf skirt are also appropriate. Check with the course for its specific dress requirements. Some courses only allow children to play on designated days.

Most online golf stores offer children's clothing. Older girls may be able to wear an extra small women's size. Some boys may be able to wear a men's small. Golf shoes for children are available from major manufacturers. Golf shoes are meant to be snug, so measure the child's foot carefully. Children used to wearing sneakers may take awhile to get used to wearing golf shoes.

Many big box stores carry golf-appropriate clothes, even if they don't have clothes with a golf label or logo. Check the banding on sleeves and the waistband of pants to make sure they aren't too tight. Golf swings require a full range of motion through the arms and shoulders and a twist at the waist. Golf shoes and gloves usually are not sold at big box stores.

For golf-specific clothes, check pro shops at golf courses and resorts. Occasionally, a golf resort shop will carry a limited selection of children's golf clothes. Finding golf shoes and gloves that fit children may be more difficult.

Upscale consignment shops sometimes carry gently-worn children's designer clothes. Leave your name and phone number with the shop owner and request a call if she gets any merchandise for children that could be worn on a golf course.

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