How Golf Clothing Can Change Your Game

By William McCoy
Skirts and short-sleeved shirts allow mobility when playing golf.
Skirts and short-sleeved shirts allow mobility when playing golf.

Wearing the right golf clothing won't immediately lead to shaving strokes off your handicap, but there's something to be said for having the right outfit on the links. Not only is golf clothing required by the vast majority of courses, it's also versatile and beneficial enough to make it important to your game.


A benefit to golf clothing is that you can switch it to adapt to whatever climate you're facing that day. Golf course dress codes are extensive enough that you can adhere to the rules whether it's frigid cold or sweltering hot. The right clothes keep you comfortable, which can lead to improved success in your game. Whether it's a skirt and a collared shirt on a hot day or pants, a sweater and a rainproof jacket on a cold day, you'll be comfortable. Shirts made of the new moisture-wicking synthetic materials keep you cool and dry on a hot summer day.


To properly execute your golf swing, your arms, legs and torso must be able to move freely. Most golf clothing manufacturers allow this flexibility by offering pants and shirts in lightweight, stretchy material. For example, swinging in a pair of tight jeans would be difficult enough that it might contribute to you hitting a poor shot. Most golf courses don't even allow you to wear denim. Replace the jeans with light, synthetic pants with a bit of stretch and you have no flexibility concerns.


Golf shoes are an important part of a golfer's wardrobe for functionality and style reasons. They afford considerable grip during your swing and while walking the course, especially when you're forced to climb up and down embankments looking for your ball. Because golf shoes are available in a variety of styles, they're easy to match to whatever outfit you're wearing. And you can choose a functional style that meets your needs. If you have foot problems or walk the course frequently, buy an athletic style. If you need more support, choose a more structured shoe.


On a hot day, a hat keeps some of the heat off your head and the sun out of your eyes. When it's rainy, a waterproof hat protects your head. You can also choose a wide-brimmed hat or a visor to shield your face from the sun's glare.

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