Golf Caddy Tips

By Larry Anderson
Caddies help golfers read putts.
Caddies help golfers read putts.

Caddies make a round of golf enjoyable for golfers, but there is more that goes into it than just carrying bags. From cleaning clubs and balls to determining yardage to offering suggestions on what clubs golfers should choose, caddies can play a large role in determining the success or failure of a round of golf.

Remain Quiet

At the beginning of the round, ask the golfer if there is anything special you should do during the round. Otherwise, you should remain quiet and speak only when you are spoken to. Some golfers will engage in conversation, while others just want you to carry their clubs and stay out of the way.

Be Ready to Get Dirty

When a golfer hits the ball into a bunker, it is your responsibility to clean it. After the golfer has hit the shot from the bunker and walked out, you should enter it with a rake and smooth the sand so it looks like nobody had been in it.

Keep it Clean

As a caddie, you should carry a towel to keep clubs and balls clean. You should wipe clubs every time they are used for a shot, and balls should be wiped when they are on the green or between holes.

Know How to Measure

One of the most common questions golfers ask is the distance between from ball to the green. Caddies can answer the question by finding the nearest distance marker, which will have the yardage to the middle of the green on it. Caddies then should pace off the distance between the marker and the ball, then add or subtract that distance from the distance on the marker.

Know the Course

Caddies should know a little bit about the course before carrying clubs for a player. While they do not need to know the course in great detail, knowing where the water, sand traps and out-of-bounds markers are can help should a golfer ask for advice.

Be Confident on the Greens

Caddies are especially important after the golfer has hit the ball onto the green. Caddies are responsible for tending the pin or removing it. Caddies also must replace the pin after all golfers have holed out. In addition, caddies must make sure not to step in the line between the ball and the hole.

Keep Balls and Tees Handy

While golfers keep tees and balls in their bags, caddies should grab some before the round and put them in their pockets. If a golfer loses a ball or needs a new tee, you can hand him what he needs without having to dig through the bag.

Stay Close

While it is not necessary to walk right next to the golfer, do not lag behind. Walk next to the golfer if he wants to engage in conversation, otherwise, keep pace, but a step or two behind.

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