Fun Golf Apparel

By Marci Shear
There are plenty of options when it comes to fun golf attire.
There are plenty of options when it comes to fun golf attire.

Golfers seeking to spice up their wardrobes have plenty of options when it comes to fun apparel. They don't have to settle for the boring khakis and dull solids that seem to dominate most modern golf clothes. Certainly, professional and collegiate teams crank out enough golf shirts to offer golfers the opportunity to show their team spirit. Those golfers searching for some really fun golf attire, however, have their choice of retro looks as well as the opportunity to imitate one of the wildest dressers on the PGA Tour.

Loudmouth Golf Clothes

When the name of the company is Loudmouth Golf, it should be a signal to golfers that the company makes loud and fun golf apparel. Inspired by the retro pants worn by Jack Nicklaus and Johnny Miller, Scott Woodworth founded the company after becoming bored with the khakis worn by today’s golfers. Loudmouth offers bright, bold colors and designs. Choices in pants include an island motif accented with flowers and bikini-clad women and a patriotic look with red, white and blue stars and stripes. Those golfers who prefer shorts can select a pair with neon disco balls on either a black or white background. For the ladies, a pair of shorts in a black and white houndstooth pattern is available.

Golf Knickers Outfit

Those golfers looking for a truly classic and fun look can order a knickers outfit. Golfers have their choice of patterns and colors. For example, a package with green and blue plaid knickers comes with a navy blue golf shirt, navy blue socks, and a matching blue and green plaid cap. Those golfers who are not fans of plaid can choose a package with white knickers that comes with a blue shirt with white accents; a pair of blue, black and white argyle socks; and a blue and white cap. Packages are available for both men and women through

Ian Poulter’s Pants and Shorts

Ian Poulter is known as one of the wildest dressers on the PGA Tour. Now golfers looking to imitate his look can choose from his bright pink pants or the blue and white tartan pants he wore at the Masters. In addition to solid-color shorts, apricot and pale green tartan shorts as well as black, white and brown tartan shorts are also available for men through Only Golf Apparel.

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