Forearm Grip Exercise

By Lyle Smith
Hanging from a pull-up bar strengthens the grip.
Hanging from a pull-up bar strengthens the grip.

A great golf swing is dependent on timing, flexibility, muscle memory and, to a lesser extent, strength. In particular, strong forearms help you control the club from the grip all the way out to the club face as it strikes the ball, hopefully along the target line you've intended. These three exercises will help you strengthen your forearms and work your way to a more controllable swing.

Low Tech

Fill the bucket with playground sand; you can purchase the sand at a hardware store. Rice or dried beans will work, too, but sand is more effective and lasts longer.

Reach into the sand with your right hand and make a fist, then release it repeatedly.

Repeat Step 2 until your right hand and forearm are tired, then rest.

Do the exercise (Steps 2 and 3) with your left hand.

Repeat these exercises several times a day until you start to feel the strength in your forearms develop.


Pick up two heavy barbells, one in each hand.

Use barbells that feel heavy to you, usually between 5 and 20 lbs.

Walk with them in your hands until you feel like you have to put them down.

The weight resistance and natural imbalanced feel in your hands from walking works all of the muscles and soft tissues in your forearms and hands. You can also use buckets of water or sand or anything else that's heavy and will put stress on your fingers and hands.

Repeat three times or until you have trouble picking up the weights again.


Grab hold of pull-up bar with your palms facing away from you.

Hang with your entire body weight until your hands and arms get so tired you need to let yourself down. This puts pressure on your fingers, which builds strength all the way up your forearms.

Let yourself down slowly, then rest a few moments.

Repeat the exercise with your palms facing toward you.

Let yourself down when your hands and arms are too tired to hold you.

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