How Do I Fix an Out-to-In Golf Swing?

By Patrick Cameron

For those with an out-to-in swing path, stepping up to the ball can be an intimidating proposition, no matter where you are on the course. Because truth be told, you don't know exactly what the ball is going to do from swing to swing. A nasty slice here. A straight out pull there. Add the occasional hook and you've got a golf game you'll feel like hanging up. But there's a simple drill and a visualization technique that you can use to correct your out-to-in swing path and eliminate the mystery of where your ball is headed. The key lies in keeping your club inside before contact.

Head Cover Drill

Place a head cover an inch to the outside of your ball on the practice tee.

Swing the club and hit the ball, with your focus on coming from the inside, instead of your typical outside-to-in path.

If you hit the head cover, you are still swinging on an out-to-in swing path.

Practice with the head cover until you no longer hit it while hitting the ball.

Move the head cover closer to the ball over time. This will accentuate your focus on keeping your swing path inside.

Railroad Tracks Visualization Technique

Stand at address.

Pretend that your ball is on the outer track of a railroad track running off toward the hole. You are standing on the inside track.

Keep your club head inside the outer track as you bring the club back.

Remain focused on keeping your club head from straying outside that track as you come down to impact and follow through.

Practice this visualization with every shot. Eventually, you will be able to feel your swing path tighten.

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