Exercises to Improve a Golf Swing

By Amy Neighbors
Specific exercises can improve the power in a golf swing.
Specific exercises can improve the power in a golf swing.

The strength and power in a golf swing comes from the body's powerhouse, the core. Once a stronger, more-flexible core is developed, the golfer will be able to rotate fully on the backswing and create maximum torque and power. Torque and power are ideal for generating high levels of club head speed without swinging harder. Many golfers think that swinging harder will create more distance, but it isn't true. Strengthening the core will add yards to your shots.

Core Stablization Exercises

Stability refers to the ability to control the body both statically and dynamically as in the golf swing. By maintaining the same level of firmness in the midsection, a golfer can effectively transfer power from this area to the lower body and upper body. A core stabilization exercise is the plank. To perform the plank, assume a push-up position on the floor. Elevate the entire body into one long line from the top of the head to the toes. Make contact with the floor at the hands or elbows and the toes. Hold this position for as long as possible or up to two minutes.

Core Rotational Exercises

Rotational exercises are exercises that include a side-to-side movement or swing. These exercises strengthen the obliques and intercostal muscles of the rib cage, which are the muscles that allow a golfer to rotate from one side to the other in the golf swing. A great core rotational exercise is the medicine ball half golf swing. To perform this exercise, stand in neutral position with feet directly under the hips. Grip a medicine ball with the hands and hold it like a golf club in address position. Slowly shift weight to the right leg and swing the medicine ball halfway up toward to the right shoulder. Hold it for one count and slowly bring it back down to address position. Repeat on the left side.

Core Strength Exercises

Exercises that focus specifically on core strength require levers of the body to be used as weight. In addition to body weight, a golfer can make use of external resistance such as hand weights or a medicine ball. The Russian twist is a classic exercise used by golfers for strengthening the core muscles. A Russian twist is performed by sitting on a stability ball, bracing the belly and pulling the hips slightly forward in a pelvic tilt. Walk the feet forward and lean back until just the head, neck and shoulders make contact with the ball. Hold the medicine ball in the hands with arms extended straight up and away from chest. Slowly twist the upper body to the right, keeping arms extended and the core tight. Twist back to center and repeat to the other direction.

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