How to Exercise Like a Golf Pro

By Patrick Cameron
Exercise has become much more important to the game of modern day pros.
Exercise has become much more important to the game of modern day pros.

Golf may seem like a game that doesn't demand a lot from the human body. But, as you become more familiar with the mechanics of the golf swing, you begin to understand just how many of the body's muscles are used. Add this up over 18 holes and that can result in a lot of wear and tear. Professional golfers use a variety of exercises to strengthen the muscles that they rely on to hit the ball consistently, shot after shot. You can exercise all of the essential muscles with a simple set of dumbbells.

Take a traditional push-up stance, feet spread shoulder width apart, your legs and back level.

Do some push-ups, using the dumbbells to keep your hands off the ground and your wrists from extending. Try for 20 to 25 push-ups to start. This will build your wrists, forearms, upper arms and chest, along with minimal effect for you back, quads and buttocks.

Add a pull element to your push-ups. You may want to extend your feet out 6 inches on either side. You want a solid base. After each push-up, stablize your body and pull one of the dumbbells up to your chest. This is great for building your back and shoulder muscles.

Extend the pull to rotate the body. This will help with building your core, vital for adding power and distance to your shots. To do this, do a push-up and then stabilize your body. Do a pull with the weight (what is known as a row) and then bring the arm with the weight up over your head, extending the arm straight up and allowing your body to rotate as you do so.

Increase the weight of the dumbbells or the number of repetitions. As you develop your muscles from using the dumbbells, you'll want to increase the weight you are using by 5 pounds each time. The more often you lift, the quicker you will build up the muscles.

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