How to Get More Distance From Irons

By Patrick Cameron
Increasing rotation and club head speed will help you hit your irons farther.
Increasing rotation and club head speed will help you hit your irons farther.

Hitting long, straight irons is one of the keys to a better golf game. So what do you do when your distance is falling short? It could be that you've never had the type of impact on the ball to make the ball go as far as those your playing with. This can be a symptom of body rotation or club head speed. There are drills you can do to increase your body rotation and your club head speed, generating more power behind your swing and allowing you to hit longer irons.

Body Rotation Drill

Address the ball as you normally would with an iron.

Make a normal backswing and hold the position at the top.

Lift your lead foot 2 or 3 inches off the turf. This frees up your hips for greater rotation and transfers weight to your back foot.

Bring your club back down.

Repeat your backswing, but instead of lifting your foot, rotate it to the right while lifting your heel up 2 to 3 inches.

Practice this technique to generate greater upper body rotation.

Club Head Speed

Address the ball. Make sure that your head is centered over the ball. This will allow you to generate a full follow through and more club head speed at impact.

Bring back your club as you normally would.

Swing through the ball, keeping your head centered at impact and your hips and shoulders square.

Visualize your non-lead hand rolling the ball as you go through impact. To roll the ball you need to break the wrist. This will help you get the feel for your wrist break and release point, the area where you generate the most club head speed.

Go in to your follow through. Your non-lead shoulder (the shoulder farthest from the hole) should naturally drop through impact so there is a steep descending angle from lead to non-lead with your head still centered. Your non-lead shoulder should slide under your chin as you complete your follow through.

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