How to Get More Distance From Your Driver

By Matthew Fortuna
You can add distance to your driver through practicing proper swing mechanics on the range.
You can add distance to your driver through practicing proper swing mechanics on the range.

Professional and amateur golfers alike strive to get extra distance from their drivers. Getting extra distance with your driver off of the tee will put you in a better position to reach the greens of par five holes in two shots or let you use your wedge rather than irons to approach par fours. There are a variety of changes you can make to your swing to allow for a longer swing and a better chance at adding distance to your shot.

Place the ball in the middle or the back of your stance to allow yourself to make contact with the ball while the club is finishing its descent. This will allow you to hit the ball with the most powerful part of your swing.

Hinge your wrists as much as possible on your backswing, breaking the wrists as soon as you leave the ball and continuing to the top of your backswing. This will allow you to snap your wrists harder and create more distance at the bottom.

Rotate your club as far as possible around your body to produce a longer swing, allowing for a longer downswing and more power.

Shift your weight to the back foot during your backswing, and through to your front foot at contact and during follow through. This technique will ensure that you use your full body weight in the swing.

Complete your follow through with your hands high--about head level-- to allow the ball to travel as high as possible.

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