How to Customize Women's Golf Clubs

By Robert Preston
Women may benefit from lighter, more flexible shafts.
Women may benefit from lighter, more flexible shafts.

Choosing the right set of clubs, and tailoring them to the needs of the woman who will use them is easy. You can choose the clubs or a professional can help, depending on how customized you want them to be. Simple steps can be taken to find the best-fitting clubs, and further work can be put in by a pro to tailor those clubs to a woman's swing.

Analyze the needs of the woman who will be using the clubs. Knowing how often they will be used, and what areas of her game need improvement will better enable you to choose the right clubs.

Choose an appropriate club weight. Lighter clubs will increase club speed and enable longer shots. Heavier clubs will sacrifice distance for better accuracy.

Select clubs at a length that will comfortably fit the stance of their owner. Clubs should be adjusted to match the swing, not the other way around.

Visit a pro-shop with your selected clubs for more customization. A pro can help you cut your selected clubs to the perfect size and angle for your swing.

Hit balls at the range with a pro. Use impact tape to determine what adjustments are needed. A pro can determine ideal cuts to be made based on a range session and the markings created with the impact tape.

Have your clubs professionally altered based on the results of this time on the range.

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