Cures for Golfer's Elbow

By Robert Preston
Golfer's elbow is a result of strain on the inner tendons of an arm.
Golfer's elbow is a result of strain on the inner tendons of an arm.

Golfer's elbow is a form of tendinitis, which arises in a golfer as the result of the repeated swings in a round of golf, or in a session at the local driving range. The aching pain brought on by golfer's elbow can be quite severe, and can greatly reduce a player's enjoyment of the game if proper care is not taken.


Golfer's elbow is not an injury that is brought on by a single moment of intense strain, such as a broken bone or badly strained muscle. Instead, a case of golfer's elbow is the result of a very small amount of strain put on the tendons in the joints, which is then repeated over and over until the minor strain accumulates into an injury. As the average golfer shoots a score of 100, and will take one or more practice strokes before most shots, even when discounting the minimized strain of a putt, a player is swinging the club well over 100 times in a round, leading to a great deal of accumulated strain. By taking fewer practice strokes, hitting fewer balls on range trips, or cutting back on the frequency of rounds, a player can lower the strain being put on their body as a result of golf.


Although lowering the number of times the strain is exerted on the joints is the most effective method of fighting golfer's elbow, it is not the only way to minimize the strain on the joint. Choosing the right gear to bring onto the course can help to ensure that the small strain with each swing is as minimal as possible, making its accumulation effect less severe. Wearing a glove on each hand will help to absorb shock from the club, as will low impact balls and clubs that feature graphite shafts. Wrapping the grips of your clubs with additional grip tape will make for a larger gripping surface, requiring less tight of a grip to hold onto the club, also minimizing the negative vibrations.

Post Round

At the completion of a round, even when the proper precautions are taken to fight golfer's elbow before the pain has set in, there may be times when the golfer's elbow still acts up and causes pain. The easiest way to combat the pain of golfer's elbow is with anti-inflammatory drugs, which will reduce swelling in the area around the injury, reducing pain. In instances where following all other preventative measures fails to rectify the problem, more serious measures may be needed. A consultation with a doctor is advised, and may lead to the implementation of a physical therapy regimen, or even surgery to fix the problem.

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