A Comparison of the Best Golf Wedges

By Justin Johnson
As you can clearly see, some wedges are more flexible than others.
As you can clearly see, some wedges are more flexible than others.

Golf often is referred to as a game of inches, meaning that a shot can be either inches from being great, mediocre or just plain bad. This is never more true than in the short game. Golfers of all abilities can either make or break a round of golf with the shots made from within 100 yards. The wedges that a golfer chooses to put in his bag can either give him the confidence to make those shots or can instill a confidence-draining dread when approaching these short shots. Certain brands of wedges have long been recognized as superior and are seen in the hands of some of the best players in the game.

Titleist Vokey Wedges

The Vokey line of wedges by Titleist are one of golf's best known brands of wedges. These wedges are designed by master club maker Bob Vokey and sold under the trusted Titleist brand name. "Golf Digest" rated the 2010 Vokey wedges as a "Gold" rated product, the magazine's highest rating given for golf equipment. Titleist claims that its proprietary method of cutting grooves produces a club face that produces an abundance of backspin. Titleist Vokey wedges offer a wide combination of lofts and bounce angles, providing golfers with a large range of products.

Cleveland Wedges

Cleveland Golf wedges are one of golf's most highly touted wedges because of their innovative groove and club face structure. Their patented Zip grooves are wide and deep yet still legal, according to USGA standards for amateur golfers. Cleveland wedges offer a wide variety of loft and bounce combinations, allowing golfers to customize their wedge set. "Golf Digest" has awarded the 2010 Cleveland Golf wedges a "Gold" rating, its highest available rating for golf equipment.

Taylor Made Wedges

Taylor Made has built a reputation in the golf industry as being the No. 1 driver in golf. The company has also focused heavily on their scoring clubs as well, as evidenced by their wedges. Taylor Made wedges are available in many loft and bounce combinations, providing golfers with the flexibility needed to build a wedge set that is tailored to their specific needs. Taylor Made also manufactures wedges with replaceable face inserts, allowing golfers to have sharp grooves without having to purchase a new golf club. Golf Digest has awarded the 2010 Taylor Made wedges with a "Gold" rating, their highest rating given to golf equipment.

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