Comparing Golf GPS Systems

By Carolyn Williams
Use a GPS to improve your golf game.
Use a GPS to improve your golf game.

GPS systems are a wonderful tool to aid your golf game. They provide a clear display of information about the hole, can suggest which club to use and help identify hazards. The technology can take your game to the next level, provided you have a device that you know how to use.

Look at the display size. A golf GPS is almost useless if you can't read the numbers that provide the yardage to the front, middle or back of the green.

See if it's weatherproof. Some GPS units don't provide waterproofing as part of the package. If you often play in humid weather or when there is light rain, this may be a critical consideration for you.

Identify how many courses the device can store in its memory. If you travel frequently, you'll want to upload course information to your golf GPS unit. Some golf GPS units can store only 10 courses, ideal for the golfer who typically only plays a few courses. Others offer unlimited memory, which is ideal for the traveling golfer.

Look at how it is powered. While batteries are a reasonable option, they can be difficult to replace at 5:30 a.m. when you're heading off for an early tee time. Rechargeable batteries offer the most flexibility.

Evaluate the total cost, not just the cost of the unit. Some golf GPS systems may be cheaper at the time of purchase, but require a multi-year subscription. This can make the overall price quite expensive when compared with a higher upfront cost with no subscription cost.

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