Compare TaylorMade Golf Clubs vs. Adams Golf Clubs

By Matt Manco
Darren Clarke used TaylorMade clubs to win the British Open in 2011.
Darren Clarke used TaylorMade clubs to win the British Open in 2011.

TaylorMade and Adams are two of the leading names in golf equipment. Both produce highly respected clubs, trusted by weekend warriors and tour professionals alike. Adams focuses on creating club head speed throughout your bag to add distance. TaylorMade allows you to adjust the lie and loft of some of their clubs to better suit your game. The philosophies have produced some of the most popular clubs on the market.


TaylorMade has been the bestselling driver since 2000 and frequently releases new models. In 2010 alone, you can choose from the R9 SuperTri, R9 SuperDeep, Burner SuperFast and SuperFast TP. The R9 series features the company’s Movable Weight Technology and Flight Control Technology, allowing you to adjust the lie and loft of the driver and move weight around the club head. Adams Golf has focused on increasing your swing speed with the Speedline series, which features deeper faces for more of a mid-launch and low spin combination. Adams believes a more aerodynamic club head can increase your swing speed 2 to 4 mph, resulting in 5 or more yards of carry distance.


TaylorMade released the Burner irons in 2009, and they quickly became the best selling irons in the world for their increased distance. Adams targets high handicap amateurs with its hybrids-iron sets. The Adams Idea a7 iron set comes with the 3i and 4i replacement hybrids, with traditional irons beginning at the 5i. In 2010, Adams introduced the Pro Black series, a forged design for better players seeking workability and pinpoint control with their irons.


Adams Golf made its name with hybrids and includes several designed specifically for your needs. The Idea a7 and Idea a7OS are designed for mid to high handicappers who struggle with long irons. The Idea Pro Black features a smaller head built for better players seeking the control and distance of a hybrid but with a more penetrating ball flight. TaylorMade introduced the Raylor in 2010; the club’s ship's hull sole was designed to glide through the rough and reduce twisting in tight lies. The Rescue series hybrid features Flight Control Technology that allows you to match up your preferred ball flight with the layout of your home course.

Fairway Metals

Adams’ fairway metals are built to be more versatile than those of other brands. The Speedline FW features a thinner club face and a lower center of gravity to get the ball up in the air faster and land softer. The TaylorMade R9 series features the same Flight Control Technology as the drivers. The 2010 Burner SuperFast fairway metal features a longer shaft for more club head speed.

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