Compare Iron Sets

By Patrick Cameron
Finding the right irons requires trial and error at the golf store.
Finding the right irons requires trial and error at the golf store.

Choosing the right irons for your bag may seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be that difficult. There are myriad club makers out there and each is going to tell you how great their clubs are. The key to finding the right set of irons for your swing starts with a trip to your local golf shop where you can use a tried and true method for distinguishing which clubs to put in your bag.

Go to your local golf store. Make sure they have an area where you can hit the irons.

Ask for a 6-iron from each of the salesman's favorite sets of irons. You want a breadth of product offerings here. Get a 6-iron that has a low center of gravity, a higher center of gravity and then a club head that is forged and one that is cast. This way, you can experience how each club differs with your ball striking.

Place a strip of impact tape across the face of the club. This should be positioned so that it covers the impact zone on the face (where you hit the ball). The store should have impact tape. If they don't, you can either bring your own or bring masking tape. The key is to be able to visually see where you strike the ball with the club.

Address the ball and hit it with a healthy swing. Don't overswing or think to much, just hit the ball. Do this with each club, hitting three or four balls with each.

Inspect the ball impression on the club face. If the ball impression is small or weak, you are not striking the ball with that iron effectively. If the ball impression is large (the size of a quarter) you are making good impact on the ball and the ball is compressing during the impact. Those are the right irons for you.

Inspect the ball strike locations. This is also important for judging where you are making contact with the iron. If you find an iron that you are hitting in the center of the club face more times than not, it's a better club for you than the one that has inconsistent ball marks on the tape.

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