College Golf Rules

By Justin Johnson

College golf is receiving more attention as the game of golf grows. As with all sports, college golf is bound by rules to ensure the matches are played fairly. While NCAA golf itself is regulated by rules set forth by the United States Golf Association, there are additions for college that go above and beyond. The NCAA reserves the right to enforce all rules regarding players and coaches, as evidenced by a March 2010 ruling on coach and player off-course misconduct at a member school.

Advice By Coaches

College golfers are led by coaches who teach them advanced technique and course strategy. While there may be more than two coaches on a team, NCAA rules allow only two to give advice to players. Eligible coaches must be chosen in advance, and the NCAA must b notified. The designated coaches must wear a badge signifying their designation.

Pace Of Play

The NCAA enforces a pace of play regulation to ensure rounds are completed in a reasonable time. The allotted time for each pairing is four hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes. Violators falling behind that pace are given a warning for the first offense, a one-shot penalty for the second, a two-shot penalty for the third and disqualification for the fourth offense in the same round.


Golf is often viewed as a civilized game, with rules to ensure that players behave in an appropriate manner. The NCAA regulates misconduct on the course. Purposefully damaging the golf course, abusive or obscene language and breaking and/or throwing clubs are examples of on-course misconduct, according to the NCAA. The first offense will result in the player or coach receiving a warning. The second will result in the offender being disqualified.

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