How Do I Clean & Care for Golf Shoes?

By Katie Jensen
Clean golf shoes and spikes will eliminate the chance of slipping during your swing.
Clean golf shoes and spikes will eliminate the chance of slipping during your swing.

Golf shoes are an important tool to make the game easier. The spikes help stabilize the swing by digging into the ground. Wear well-fitting shoes; shoes that don't fit right will be uncomfortable and wear poorly. Use a shoe horn to put on the shoes so the heel collar doesn't break down. And shoes get dirty inside and out; prolong their life by caring for them properly.

Wipe out the inside of the shoes with a rag, and sprinkle in foot powder to control odors.

Scrub debris from the cleats with a toothbrush dipped in water. Do not immerse the shoes. Use a sponge with a little dishwashing detergent and water to remove stains from the outside of the shoes.

Apply leather polish to the shoes in a circular motion. Let dry per the polish label directions. Buff with a soft cloth. White shoes require white polish. Use dark polish or a neutral clear polish with dark shoes.

Use cedar shoe trees to help the shoes keep their original shape.

Keep your shoes in an airy, open space so they dry out after each use. Many golfers keep their shoes in their golf bag--that's not the best place for them.

Dry shoes that have gotten wet during the round by stuffing them with paper towels, crumpled-up newspapers or terry cloth towels to absorb excess water. After 24 hours, insert the shoe trees and place the shoes in a dry warm place.

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