How to Clean & Care for Golf Shoes

By Steve Silverman
Proper cleaning and maintenance of golf shoes will improve your game and keep you safe on the course.
Proper cleaning and maintenance of golf shoes will improve your game and keep you safe on the course.

Keeping your golf equipment well-maintained will go along way toward helping you enjoy your round of golf and putting low numbers on your scorecard. This includes your golf shoes. It is important to keep them clean and in top shape. You should take care of them after every round and change your spikes at least twice a season.

Take a wet rag and go over your shoes at the conclusion of every round you play. This is not a full-fledged cleaning, but make sure you get the dirt off the surface and the creases of your shoe. After wiping off the excess dirt, take a dry rag to make sure you are not putting wet shoes back in your locker.

Polish or wax your shoes at least once a month to keep them in top shape. Besides keeping your shoes looking their best -- your playing partners will notice -- the polish or wax will help your shoes maintain their form and structure and allow them to last longer.

Check your spikes every month or so when you play. While you no longer have to unscrew metal spikes and replace them, you have to check your plastic spikes to to make sure they are still supplying adequate support and grip strength for your shots from the fairway, tee or bunker.

Change your spikes every two months. If you play three or more times a week and you are doing it in rough terrain, you should change your spikes regularly. These plastic grips gets worn down easily and you will notice how much more secure you are in your stance when you stand over the ball.

Put shoe trees in your golf shoes if you know you won't be playing for two weeks or more. The shoe trees will help your shoes keep their form and maintain their comfort.

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