Choosing a Putter

By Steve Silverman
When choosing a putter there are many options.
When choosing a putter there are many options.

Comfort is the biggest factor when selecting a putter. Some golfers like a thin blade putter, while others are more comfortable with a larger mallet head. A perimeter-weighted putter makes some golfers feel secure. Generally speaking, a putter should fit your height. A taller golfer uses a longer putter, and smaller golfers want a shorter one. However, there are some tall golfers who prefer a short putter because it gives them a greater feel for the stroke.

Try a blade if you like the look of a simple traditional putter. Some golfers believe this type of putter allows them to "feel" the ball.

Choose a mallet putter if you prefer the visual alignment aids they offer. Some have a series of line or circles that help you aim down the target line.

Use a perimeter-weighted club if you tend to be somewhat inconsistent in your putting stroke. The perimeter-weighted putter is better balanced to help you make a consistent stroke.

Try a belly putter if you have had back problems and feel uncomfortable bending over your ball. The belly putter is a longer club that rests in the golfer's belly. Proponents of the belly putter say it provides stability because it anchors against the body.

Go to the practice green and try all types of putters before you make a decision, or use the indoor putting green that some stores offer.

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