How Can I Determine What Size Golf Club Grips to Use?

By Cecilia Harsch
Often times, simply replacing your golf club grips can improve your accuracy and distance.
Often times, simply replacing your golf club grips can improve your accuracy and distance.

Many golf swing issues can be corrected with an adjustment to the size of golf club grips. You should replace your grips periodically and verify that you are using the proper size for your swing. Grips that are too small can create hooks, as they allow your wrists to release in front of the ball on impact. Grips that are too large can create slices--delaying release through impact. Incorrect sizing can also create unnecessary wear and tear on golf gloves. Take some precise hand measurements to help determine the proper grip size to use.

Wrap a tape measure around your glove hand to find your golf glove size. A "large" glove will fit a hand with circumference of about 9 inches. Compare your golf glove size to a sizing chart for golf club grips. For example, if you wear a "large" glove, your grip size would be standard or mid-size.

Grasp your golf club using a proper gripping technique. When your glove hand is positioned around a correctly sized golf grip, the tip of the middle and ring fingers should barely touch your palm near the base of your thumb. If your fingers dig into your palm, your grip is too small. If there is space between your fingers and your palm, your grip is too large.

Take this information to a golf shop associate familiar with grip sizing to help you choose the proper grips.

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