Calf Building Exercises

By Marc Jenkins
A golfer's legs and calves are crucial to a powerful golf swing.
A golfer's legs and calves are crucial to a powerful golf swing.

A very crucial element in succeeding on the golf course is being physically fit; the better shape that a golfer is in will reflect in his/her endurance, experience and final score. One of the parts on the human body which should certainly be in shape are a golfer’s legs because of all the time that they spend on them and the awkward angles that they are bent on certain shots. The calf muscles within the legs are important because they completely balance the legs and the entire body, so it is important to exercise to keep them strong and durable.

Calf Raises

The first exercise which many athletes use to strengthen their calf muscles is called the calf raise. It is quite simple to execute a calf raise, just step on a block with your feet (heels as well) firmly flat on the block and then push up on your toes resembling a stance on your “tippy-toes.” Once you have gone up on your toes for 3 seconds, loosen your legs and place your entire foot (heel also) back on the block for 3 more seconds. Continue to repeat these steps again and again to build repetitions and you should stop once you feel your calf muscles beginning to burn substantially.

One Leg Calf Raises

The second exercise is similar to the first, however it places much more emphasis on working the calf muscles exclusively one at a time. One leg calf raises are very effective for either just working on a single calf after an injury or both calf muscles by allowing each individual calf to have to support the entire weight of the body. The one leg calf raised is carried out the same exact way in which the two leg calf raise is, however the only obvious difference is that you are executing these on just one leg at a time.

Squatting Exercise

The third exercise that you can perform to strengthen your calf muscles is a squats exercise. It is very simple and extremely helpful exercise that begins with you standing on a block again. Next place a medium weighted bar bell on the shoulders and stand so your heels are dangling off of the block but your toes are planted firmly. Then slowly lower your heels off of the edge and while slightly squatting. Once you reach halfway down use your calf muscles back to a level position. Continue the steps and once you have reached 20 repetitions, you are done for that session.

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