How to Calculate the Speed of a Golf Swing

By J.D. Chi
Launch monitors or swing speed radars can determine your swing speed.
Launch monitors or swing speed radars can determine your swing speed.

Calculating the speed of your golf swing requires the use of a launch monitor, a swing speed radar or other electronic equipment that is available at golf retail or online shops or at golf courses. Measuring swing speed is key to selecting the right shafts for your golf clubs. Shafts are available in different flexes, from ladies to extra stiff. Each flex is suited to a range of swing speeds so that golfers can get the most out of their swing.

Launch Monitor

Visit a local golf store or pro shop that has a launch monitor. These devices might be available for purchase or rent and are often used when golfers are being fit for clubs.

If you purchase a monitor, you can use it at a driving range or in your backyard. If you rent time on a monitor, it is likely you will have to use it at the shop at which you rent it.

Using your driver, set up for a golf swing with the launch monitor slightly behind (across from your back foot) the teed-up ball.

Hit a minimum of six balls with the monitor functioning. The monitor will calculate your average swing speed.

Swing Speed Radar

Purchase a swing speed radar unit, which is available online or in a retail golf shop.

Program in the club you will be hitting and any other specifications the device requires.

If you are using a stand-up monitor, place the radar on the ground in the area that you will be hitting balls. The face of the radar should face the golfer. If you are using a monitor that attaches to the club, affix to the club before swinging.

Hit six golf balls using the same club and record results of each swing to determine your average swing speed.

Repeat this process with all of your clubs.

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