How to Become a Golf Caddie

By Greg Lindberg
Being a golf caddie is a good way to get and stay involved on the game.
Being a golf caddie is a good way to get and stay involved on the game.

A golf caddie can be an essential addition to the success of a professional golfer by giving advice and helping the golfer with anything he needs. Caddies are commonly hired as independent contractors and they are typically chosen by the golfer himself. The best caddies are also experts on the game of golf and not just people who hold the golfer's clubs.

Learn as much about the game of golf and what a caddie does for a golfer. It's also helpful to learn how caddies recognize strategies and give golfers tips. Watch and talk to caddies from local golf centers.

Befriend golfers who are need of a caddie or who are growing in their game. It's beneficial to start with a golfer who is working his way to professional status.

Practice playing on upcoming courses where competitions will be held. Get to know the course like the back of your hand. You can be the one the golfer will come to for advice on what to expect from each course.

Practice fixing divots and cleaning golf clubs. It's important that you fix all divots on the fairway and also fix ball marks on the greens.

Become a member of the Professional Caddies Association (PCA). Joining this unique program can give you appropriate training, certification, benefits and the possibility of being paired up with a professional.

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