Backswing Tips for Golf

By Sharon Penn
The backswing is an important part of the golf swing.
The backswing is an important part of the golf swing.

Golfers need to keep in mind that hitting the ball is only part of the story of an effective swing in golf. Start with a pre-shot routine as you address the ball, and bring the club back with a full shoulder turn to execute a correct backswing. You will then be in the ideal position to start the downswing and hit through the ball for a golf shot that achieves both accuracy and distance.

Preparing for the Backswing

To maintain the flexibility you need for a good backswing, try exercising by placing your club across the back of your shoulders and turning back and forth with your knees bent as if you were hitting a golf ball. Prepare for your backswing by checking on the fundamentals with a pre-shot routine. Look at your grip to make sure you are holding the club in your fingers and not the palm of your hand, and make sure the ball is in the correct position relative to your body. Flex your knees, and lean into the ball as your arms hang down from your shoulders without tension. Visualize the shot you wish to make as you focus your mind.

Starting the Backswing

Keep the clubhead low to the ground as you sweep the club back. Your arms, hands, legs and body should move together smoothly in the takeaway. Make sure you maintain your balance by keeping pressure on the inside of your back foot as you make your shoulder turn and your weight shifts to the back. Notice the feeling in your body as your club comes back and up and your body acts as a coil. The toe of the clubface should be pointed up as you take the club back. Your wrists should cock to 90 degrees.

The Top of the Backswing

At the top of the backswing, your front shoulder should move behind the ball. Keep your posture and balance throughout the backswing by keeping your back leg bent. Resist the urge to stand up straight. At the top of the backswing your body should be in a fully coiled position, ready for the downswing. Remember that a correct backswing will put the golf club in the correct position for a powerful downswing and impact through the ball as your body uncoils.

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