How to Attach a Golf Ball Pick Up to a Putter

By William McCoy

Golf ball pick-up devices come in a variety of styles, but each type mounts to the end of the grip on a putter. These devices aid golfers who have back pain or who are otherwise unable to bend over to retrieve their ball after holing out. With a golf ball pick up, retrieving the ball from the hole or from on the green is as easy as poking it with the device attached to your putter.

Consult the manufacturer's instructions before attempting to attach the golf ball pick up to your putter. Some styles of golf ball pick-up devices press on, while others attach by sticking a long spike into the tiny hole in the end of your putter. Others require a little more effort.

Find a screwdriver that matches the screws included with your golf ball pick up. Many pick ups attach by pressing them into place, but some screw to the putter.

Open the tips of the golf ball pick up to expose the mounting holes, and then use a screwdriver to tighten the screws through the holes and into the top of the putter.

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