How to Assemble Golf Clubs

By J.D. Chi
Building your own clubs can be an enjoyable hobby.
Building your own clubs can be an enjoyable hobby.

Assembling a golf club is a great project for the do-it-yourself type. You can purchase clubheads, shafts and grips individually to assemble clubs that fit your unique needs. The process is fairly straightforward, though it does require some patience, and you will improve your technique over time.

The Process

Lay out your materials in a well-ventilated, well-lit work space. Wear protective gloves and a face mask while working with epoxy and solvent.

First, cut each shaft to the length you desire. On average, standard-length shafts should be trimmed about 1 inch for a 3-iron, 1.5 inches for a 4-iron and so on. Measure the shaft and mark the spot to trim with a marker. Insert the shaft into a vise and use a hacksaw to make the cut. If you are building more than one club, label each shaft so that you know which clubhead it goes with.

Lightly sand the exterior part of the shaft that will be inserted into the hosel. This will roughen up the shaft and help the epoxy to stick. Put a thin layer of epoxy into the hosel and around the shaft and then insert the shaft into the hosel. For a steel shaft, a pin or ferrule may be required. If so, place the ferrule in the shaft first for a tight fit, then apply epoxy and slide the shaft into the hosel. Allow epoxy to dry for 24 hours.

To put on the grip, wind double-sided tape from the butt of the shaft to where the grip will end. Leave about a half-inch of tape hanging off the end of the club. Remove the protective layer to expose the adhesive and tuck the remaining tape into the butt of the shaft.

Place a rag or pan under your work area. Holding the grip, cover the hole in the butt of the grip with your finger or insert a golf tee. Fill the grip with solvent and swish around to wet the interior. Holding the club at an angle, slide the grip over the grip tape and twist as needed so the markings on the grip are aligned at the front of the club.

Wipe down the shaft after the grip is in place. Affix any labels provided with the shaft or that you have selected, stand the club upright and dry for at least 12 hours.

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