How to Apply the Tape When Replacing Grips on Golf Clubs

By Brian Hill
Make sure you're not playing with grips that are too worn.
Make sure you're not playing with grips that are too worn.

Depending on how often you play golf, the grips on your clubs can wear out after just a season of play. If you golf several times a week or more, the grips may have to be replaced several times a season. According to, some PGA tour pros change their grips every few weeks. Check the grips on the clubs you use the most, such as the driver and pitching wedge, more often for signs of wear.

Measure the length of the grip you plan to install. Mark the measurement on the shaft of the club with a marker.

Cut a piece of 2-inch-wide grip tape so it is a half-inch longer than the grip.

Apply the tape lengthwise to the shaft so the is half-inch of excess tape extends from the butt of the shaft. Begin to smooth the tape over and around the shaft, but do not wrap in all the way around the shaft.

Peel off the protective top layer of the tape. Finish wrapping the tape around the shaft. Twist the excess tape at the top and push it into the shaft to seal the end.

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