How to Treat a Torn Biceps Tendon

By Robert Preston
Returning to play before the injury has healed can do long-term damage.

Rupturing your biceps tendon is a painful injury, which will cause you to miss a substantial amount of time away from the links. Proper care immediately after the injury and in the weeks that follow is essential in ensuring that the injury is handled with as little pain as possible—and that you are back on the course as soon as possible.

Brace the injured arm immediately to help minimize the damage by securing it against the injured person's body. A sling can be improvised from a multitude of items you will have with you, including a golf towel.

Apply ice to the injured arm to minimize pain and keep swelling down.

Get the injured person to a doctor immediately to have the injury assessed.

Undergo surgery if your doctor feels it is the best course of action.

Attend physical therapy for six to eight weeks at your doctor's recommendation to rehabilitate the arm.

Rest your arm for an additional four to eight weeks until your arm no longer exhibits pain in movement and has returned to full motion before playing golf again.

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