How to Measure a Hand for Golf Gloves

By Samantha Prust
A golf glove is used to stabilize your grip on the club, according to

Most golfers wear a glove on one hand — on the left hand if you're right-handed and vice versa, although a few golfers wear two gloves. For a proper fit, the glove should fit snugly. Take this into account when measuring your hand for a golf glove. Also, the glove will loosen as you wear it. Because there isn't a general sizing chart for all golf gloves, use the specific sizing chart for the brand that you want to buy.

In Inches

Hold one end of a ruler or rigid measuring tape at the spot where your wrist meets your hand.

Hold the ruler or rigid measuring tape so that the other end is lined up with the top of your middle finger.

Note the measurement in inches of the distance between your wrist and the top of your middle finger.

Compare your measurement in inches to the corresponding sizing chart for the particular brand that you're buying.

Note your size. If you're a woman, sizes typically are small, medium, medium-large or large; if you're a man, your sizes are: small, medium, medium large, large, X large and XX large in both regular and cadet. If you're a junior golfer, the size increments will vary.

Hand Placement

Open the sizing chart for the brand of glove that you want to buy.

Straighten your fingers and place the palm of your right or left hand onto the sizing chart. Line up your hand with the outline of the hand on the chart.

Note the corresponding size. Go by the specific chart for the brand that you want to buy.

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