How to Get More Loft on Golf Drives

By Matthew Fortuna
Using a higher lofted driver, taller tee and a longer loopier swing are among the adjustments you can make to increase loft off the tee.

Because your driver face has the fewest degrees of loft, your drive off the tee can often be the flattest shot in your bag. But you can add more loft to your tee shots using a number of positioning, body movement and swing techniques. Adding loft will allow you to carry your shot with the wind, clear higher obstacles and land the ball more softly on quick fairways.

Place the ball just off of your front foot in the front of your stance (left foot for right-handed players). This will allow you to hit the ball as your swing is ascending, creating more loft on the shot.

Tee the ball as high as you comfortably can. The legal limit for tee length is 4 inches.

Hinge your wrists as soon as you take the club back on your backswing and increase your wrist hinge over your normal swing. This will allow a larger snap with your wrists when you hit the ball, which will propel the ball higher into the air.

Bring your club farther back than your normal swing. Making a longer, loopier swing will allow for a wider angle at contact, pushing the ball higher.

Flip your wrists over at contact to allow your wrists to snap the ball into the air and complete your full follow-through.

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